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What’s a call to action and how to achieve results?

by | May 1, 2019 | Chatbots, Marketing, Social Media, Web Design | 0 comments

Call to Action (CTA) is a vital element of website content that invites the reader to take immediate action, such as sign up to a newsletter, ask for information or click a link to a product or service page. This response can increase user engagement, develop a customer experience, secure additional sales conversionsand much more.

To achieve results and a click- through rate, you need to give the user a compelling reason why they should take action and that begins with a CTA which takes account of the following features:

  • Easy to find on your website;
  • Keep the message and process clear and simple;
  • Know and Speak to your target audience;
  • Offer relevant information;
  • Use actionable language such as ‘get started‘, ‘download now‘ or ‘book today‘;
  • Take a lighthearted approach.
  • Create a sense of urgency.

Be sure to you offer information your target audience needs and use language to connect to them. In a perfect situation your text-button copy should provide the reader with the right information to click through and nudge them to do so.

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